Our 2016-17 Dinner at the Square Series
Big issues, Real conversation.
Good food, good company.

While the din of the national conversation (if we can call it a conversation) dives to an historical new low, we thought it was past time for neighbors to have a neighborly conversation about. So we’re starting this year’s Dinner at the Square series taking dead-aim at at our broken politics. Kicking off the series on October 13th is “Post Election Traumatic Syndrome: Can the Political Parties Survive the Politics of Hate & the Anti Establishment Movement?​” The answer seems like anyone’s guess.

From there we’ll tacking some of the big “wicked” issues that our dysfunctional politics has left largely unaddressed. On February 15th we’ll take dead aim at one of the most impactful problems of our time as we consider prison reform in “The Overcriminization of America.” And we’ll complete our year of programming with on May 3rd with a deep dive on a question of public health with “Do we Need Public Hospitals?” It won’t be the same without you as a part of the conversation.

Past Event | May 3, 2017
What is the Government’s Role in Fighting Poverty?

Whose responsibilities is it to help? And how much help should be offered? Nelson Mandela once said, “A Nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but it’s lowest ones,” however, at what cost?

past event | Tuesday, October 13, 2016
Post Traumatic Election Syndrome:
Can the Political Parties Survive?

In the United States, both of the establishment parties (of the right and the left) are being disrupted — if not destroyed from the inside. Can the two party system survive?

Past Event | February 15, 2017
No Second Chance: Does Florida
Over-criminalize Juvenile Offenders?

Does Florida Over-criminalize Juvenile Offenders? Should we give juveniles a second chance…even for adult crime? While landmark U.S. Supreme Court decisions have defined the ways juveniles are different in the eyes of the law, Florida is an outlier.