Take Out Tuesday
Our 2016-17 Take-out Tuesday Series
Join us for the conversation of American Democracy.

Dinner with friends (and sometimes strangers) can help us get to know our neighbors a little better and we hope our Takeout Tuesday series does just that. As part of our programming, Takeout Tuesdays are free and open to the public. We want to make our events accessible to as many people as possible. Bring your favorite take-out dinner and a drink and join us to learn about a hot local, state or national topic.

This season, we’ll start with “My Big Fat Gay Marriage: Can We Find Middle Ground with Religious Conservatives on November 15th and hope we can find some common ground in an America that is so diverse. On February 15th, we’ll evaluate what our community is doing to help the war on poverty and then close out the season on May 3rd to discuss an issue the Sun Sentinel Editorial Board has written about. It won’t be the same without you as a part of the conversation, so join us!

Past Event: November 15, 2016
My Big Fat Gay Marriage:
Finding Middle Ground

There’s been a significant shift toward tolerance toward the LGBT community across every religious, political and age group and every region of the country; however, with recent events questioning religious liberty, how do we find common ground?

Past Event: April 4, 2017
The Economic Development of Florida:
Corporate Welfare or Job Incentives?

Can Florida and its cities compete without offering companies job incentives to relocate here or is this just another government slush fund?

Past Event: March 21, 2017
Do We Need Public Hospitals?

Do public hospitals remain the best option to provide care for the uninsured or would care be better and less expensive through private/nonprofit hospitals? Broward’s two hospital districts collect more than $200 million in local property taxes. South Florida, by far, has the largest stake in the issue.