Eu Ukraine Visa Facilitation Agreement

The results of the exploratory phase of the visa dialogue confirm that a sustainable visa-free regime for Ukrainian citizens can only be put in place if the necessary conditions are met. Visa liberalisation is subject, in particular, to the following conditions: significant improvement in the level of security of documents, including biometric data; strengthening border and migration management and asylum policy; reforms and cooperation in the field of public order and security; To deal with external relations issues (including human rights and fundamental freedoms) in the field of passenger transport. These reforms and improvements should lead to a high degree of efficiency, in line with relevant European and international standards. 2. If Ukraine reintroduces the visa requirement for CITIZENS of the European Union, the visa fee to be levied by Ukraine shall not exceed EUR 35 or the agreed amount if the fee is reviewed in accordance with the procedure referred to in Article 14(4). (d) `visa` means an authorisation or decision of a Member State which is necessary for: 1. The diplomatic and consular missions of the Member States shall take a decision on the visa application within ten calendar days of receipt of the application and the documents necessary for the issue of visas. In addition, the full and effective implementation of the EU-Ukraine Readmission Agreement (regularly monitored by the EU-Ukraine Joint Readmission Committee) remains a precondition for the continuation of the visa dialogue and is of the utmost importance for the establishment of a sustainable visa-free regime. The EU`s Joint Readmission Committee to Ukraine met three times, most recently in April 2010, and found the implementation of the agreement to be satisfactory.

Citizens of the European Union and ukraine who have lost their identity documents or have been stolen during their stay on the territory of Ukraine or of the Member States may leave that territory on the basis of valid identity documents authorised to cross the border issued by diplomatic or consular missions of the Member States or Ukraine, without visa or other authorization. Citizens of Ukraine who, for reasons of force majeure, do not have the possibility to leave the territory of the Member States on the date indicated in their visa shall be extended by the duration of their visa for the period necessary for their return to the state of residence, in accordance with the legislation applied by the host State. 1. Ukrainian citizens holding a valid diplomatic passport may enter, travel and enter the territory of the Member States without a visa. The condition for the continuation of the visa dialogue is of the utmost importance for the second Convention. In some cases, the deadline for deciding on a visa application may be extended up to 30 calendar days, in particular where further examination of the application is required. 2. The national law of Ukraine or of the Member States or Community law shall apply to matters not covered by this Agreement, such as the refusal to issue visas, the recognition of travel documents, proof of sufficient means to support themselves and the entry ban and expulsion measures.

At the EU-Ukraine Summit held in Kiev on 4 December 22009, progress was reviewed and agreed to “move to a structured visa dialogue, focusing on sequestered priorities for action and recommendations to the Ukrainian authorities”. . . .