Guaranty Agreement Meaning

the exercise of the agent`s rights and remedies and no other agreement or transaction of any kind between the agent, the signatory and the borrowers; and/or any other person excludes at any time any other exercise of the rights and remedies of the agent, without prejudice to the definition of the deadline. No waiver by the agent of the agent`s rights and remedies in the event of a subsequent occasion shall be considered a waiver or a continuing waiver. All rights and remedies of the Agent, as well as all rights, remedies, powers, privileges and powers of the Agent under any other agreement or transaction with the undersigned, borrowers or any other person are cumulative and non-alternative or exclusive and may be exercised by the Agent on such date or periods and in order of preference; how the agent can decide at his discretion. 7. WAIVER OF THE TRANSFER OF RECEIVABLE.