Learning Agreement Wur

This website has been designed for exchange students from our Erasmus partner universities to give you information on the learning opportunities van Hall Larenstein has to offer. Please check our list of partner universities to see if you are able to apply or not. You can also check out our partner universities on Google Maps. In the second report, you think about the internship itself (for example. B organization, company, etc.) and the personal results you have made during the interview with the internship manager. This report is intended to describe your personal development during the internship and your development goals. In both cases, part of the learning process is to arrange all the arrangements with the internship yourself. Once your internship is over, you will give a lecture on your internship with the host organization with at least the head of the internship present. In addition, after this presentation and the presentation of the two reports you must write, you will take an oral exam with your university tutor in Wageningen; The course director may be present. You assess the extent to which you have managed the theme of your internship and how high your thinking about the internship project is. Their overall assessment, which is the responsibility of the University of Wageningen, is based on the two reports, the oral examination and the presentation of the internship.

(For the students` thesis: contact the Office of Foreign Studies) Wageningen University is the best university in the Netherlands and one of the largest international universities in the field of healthy eating and the environment. The university offers 6 bachelor`s programs, 30 master`s degrees and 3 online master`s degrees. In these programs, you will focus on global issues of current and future, which are of increasing importance to both industry and government. Wageningen is a small town of nearly 40,000 people from more than 160 different countries and is located in the centre of the Netherlands. Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague are only an hour`s drive away. The University of Wageningen – Research campus is within cycling distance. On this page you will find all the information on the application process to apply for an Erasmus exchange and an Erasmus scholarship for studies. The European Union has set out a detailed application procedure for its Erasmus exchange programme and scholarships. Please follow this procedure carefully. If you need help, ask your exchange coordinator for help.

While this may seem straight, it is often not. A student can easily get lost in the many options he has. Each department of Wageningen (for example. B environmental technologies) has different groups of chairs that work on specific social objectives (such as water reuse, metal production). I looked at the objective of the company that was the most forward and that applied to that group of presidents. This could be a nice way to filter out subjects, especially for confused brains. It is also good to talk to people (seniors, fellow students, professors, PhDs) who are studying or have studied similar topics before having more information on topics that are currently relevant to research. Once an application has been completed (including all required documents) and the VHL Authorization Committee assesses your eligibility. The Admissions Committee decides on your eligibility: If you wish to apply for an exchange program with the VHL, please contact the International Office of your home university first. Your home institution decides which student will be selected for an exchange program. Nominations should include: you can apply for an Erasmus scholarship after we have appointed you for an exchange period at one of the partner universities.

If you have a positive review of your application, you will receive a formal letter of admission and/or an email confirming that you meet the requirements and that you have been approved.