Uiuc Telecommuting Agreement

4. All telecommunications agreements are concluded for a specified period by the supervisory authority, subject to an extension at the end of the agreed period. For the first agreements with the new teleworkers, it is recommended that the initial period be set at a period of 90 to 180 days during which the benefits of telework can be assessed for both the employee and the employer before a longer-term agreement is reached. 5. The employee and manager agree on the number of telework days allowed each week, the work schedule usually maintained by the employee, and the nature and frequency of communications. The staff member agrees to be reachable by phone, text, email, conferences/e-mail or any other e-mail support during the agreed work plan. 3. If the employee and manager agree to a telework agreement, a telework contract is prepared and signed by all parties and the agreement begins. Terms and conditions of telecommunications agreements 21. Working from home is responsible for the individual tax impact on the workplace at home. Equipment and accessories 14.

Using information provided by staff and other stakeholders, the Executive Officer determines the appropriate requirements for communications equipment and services (including hardware, software, modems, telephone and data lines, headsets, web cameras, photocopiers, etc.) for each telecommunications facility on a case-by-case basis. The equipment provided by the organization is managed by the organization. The equipment provided by the employee is maintained by the employee. The university assumes no responsibility for damage or repairs to staff`s own equipment. The equipment provided by the organization can only be used for professional purposes. The teleworker is committed to protecting objects from damage or theft. After the termination of employment or telework, all the property of the university is returned to the university. 15. The university will provide staff with appropriate office equipment (stylos, paper, etc.) to carry out its tasks. The organization also reimburses staff for all other business expenses, such as phone calls, shipping costs, etc., which are reasonable depending on the tasks of the job. 16.

I take responsibility for the proper maintenance and safety of all university properties which, in my off-campus detention, is in the performance of my official duties. The assessment of liability, if any, is based on an employee`s assessment of missing or damaged devices. Work environment 17. Telework is not intended as an alternative to fulfilling a worker`s care obligations. Potential teleworkers should discuss telework expectations before reaching an agreement with family members and establish dependent care systems that do not jeopardize the completion of the work. 18. In the event that telework involves the use of the worker`s place of residence, the worker will create an appropriate working environment in his or her home for work purposes. The university is not responsible for the costs associated with the first installation of the employee`s reception office, such as processing. B or lighting, or costs for utilities. Appropriate assistance will be provided to staff in setting up a workstation designed for safe and comfortable work.

The university reserves the right to check the employee`s domestic workstation to verify compliance with minimum employment requirements, including potential work risks, and to propose changes. 19. Injuries suffered by the worker in the workplace at home and in connection with his or her normal duties are generally covered by the university workers` compensation policy.