Category: Village Square 101

How to Get Involved

We need you. The Village Square is a completely unique model for civic engagement in modern America. But as good as our new (but actually very old) idea is, we are still swimming upstream against the thriving business of division in America, so there’s nothing easy about this.

Bringing 68% Solutions back to America

Back in the day, we might have called our goal “statesmanship.” Once elected, leaders were expected to serve all citizens – whether they had voted for them or not – while working with political foes to govern.

Village Square 101: Of, by, and for the people

The hostile tone of our national debate is a predictable result of the worrisome reality that we’ve essentially formed tribes. We’ll all grow old waiting for Washington to fix it, so we’re going to have to get it done ourselves.

The Square: A Founding Tale

The Village Square was born. It wasn’t always exactly a “square” in the “village,” although sometimes it was. It was the spirit of all this talking.

Liz Joyner: Ode to the Town Hall

Within the ethos of the town meeting is the important founding principle that political foes must grudgingly become partners as they engage conflicting ideas in order to govern.