A National Identity Crisis? The Open vs. Closed Border Debate
This event is being rescheduled to accommodate speaker schedules
A National Identity Crisis? The Open vs. Closed Border Debate

Is immigration impacting American nationalism and civic pride? Are we becoming such a melting pot that we are losing our cultural identity? Has the meaning of being an American changed?

Some may argue that more of a crisis than a definitive American identity are topics like population growth and infrastructure costs. What about economic impact – does a larger availability of workers due to immigration create more consumption and more jobs? Would Closed Borders help maintain more jobs for native Americans and save resources? Can we afford the expense of dollars flowing out of America from wages earned by immigrants who send money to their home country to support a family? And how do Open Borders stimulate thought and new ideas? Are we truly accepting immigrants as full members of the American Society?

The Open vs. Closed Border Debate at Broward College’s Village Square Dinner will look at the intellectual, economic and cultural implications of shutting the door on immigration vs. welcoming the world through our borders to pursue the American Dream.