Open Primaries in Florida
May 2, 2018
Open Primaries in Florida

Several groups advocating for open primaries in Florida want the Constitution Revision Commission to put an initiative on the November 2018 ballot to allow millions of independent voters to participate in primary elections.

The latest voter registration data shows that more than 3.1 million people in Florida are No-Party-Affiliation voters, representing about 24 percent of all voters.  Florida is one of only nine states that hold completely closed primary elections.  Fifteen states have true “open” primary elections, with the other states falling somewhere in between.

The group, Open Primaries, and two other Florida-based groups argue that the state’s closed primary excludes millions of independent voters from having a voice in electing public officials.

With independent voters representing a growing number of voters, shouldn’t their voice be heard in deciding what candidates will ultimately run and represent them too?

But major parties are fearful of allowing voters of any party to take part in either the Republican or Democratic presidential primary as it often invites mischief, commonly referred to as party-crashing.