Us vs. Them? The Tale of Two Floridas
Dinner at the Square | POSTPONED
Us vs. Them? The Tale of Two Floridas

In response to the latest developments in Florida and in particular Broward County, Broward College has taken the difficult but necessary decision to postpone the April 15th Dinner at the Square event: Us vs. Them? The Tale of Two Floridas. 

We are monitoring the situation closely and will follow up once the event has been rescheduled.

We thought right about now you could use a break from the usual Us vs. Them partisan divide, so here we go. From a panhandle nestled up against Alabama to Key West’s Mallory Square, the Great State of Florida covers some vastly different culture, lifestyle, geography and voting habits (Republicans, Democrats, NPAs and even Dixiecrats!) It’s no surprise that people wonder if they’re even in the same state. While our diversity makes us who we are (and brings us Florida Man) it has significant political consequences too, with the population center heavily located in South Florida, while fewer people but outsized political power resides up North in Tallahassee. While Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade are considered “donor counties” — giving more revenue to the state than they receive back — some would argue they have undersized political influence. Not to mention the thorny subject of Home Rule vs. Pre-emption, where we navigate whether its best for distant elected officials to make broad decisions affecting our state or if local communities should decide from the bottom up. In a state surrounded by lots of water, we hope you’ll join us as we wade right in.

Bob Swindell | President
Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance
Chip LaMarca | State Representative
Florida House of Representatives, District 93
Anthony Sabatini | State Representative
Florida House of Representatives, District 93
Charley S. Caulkins | Chair
Florida Chamber of Commerce