What is Free Speech & What isn't Free Speech?
Past Event | STUDENT VILLAGE SQUARE | November 28, 2018
What is Free Speech & What isn't Free Speech?

“What Is Free Speech and What Isn’t Free Speech” will address the topic of free speech, specifically on college campuses.  The panel will discuss free speech and how it is protected by the First Amendment.  They will address what constitutes free speech and how certain statements and actions are not protected as free speech.  They will touch on how college campuses are an important platform for free speech and the importance of college students being able to speak about topics that are controversial, and that are not necessary mainstream.


Tom Julin, Shareholder, Gunster

Lacey Hofmeyer, General Counsel and Vice President of Public Policy and Government Affairs, Broward College


Henry Mack, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Broward College