Our 2023-24 Dinner at the Square Series
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Past Event | October 27, 2021
Show Me the Money: Will College Athletes Become Instant Millionaires?

The debate over whether college athletes should be paid has been one of the central discussions in US sports for over a decade. On July 1st, The Senate Bill 646: Intercollegiate Athlete Compensation and Rights went into effect. Now the question is was this a good move or a bad move?

Past Event | February 23 2022
Facts, Clickbait or Fake News? The War on American News

In just a few short years, everything has changed about how we get our information. It wasn’t that long ago that a few nightly news broadcasts and our local newspaper provided the grist for the American conversation. Diverse groups of citizens were largely working off of the same set of facts – screened for accuracy […]

Past Event | April 27, 2022
Competition Is Good for Customers, but Would it Benefit Schools?

While the benefits to consumers of free market competition are obvious in virtually every sector of the economy, one vital institution remains resistant to competition — K-12 public education. In America, state and local governments, supported by the federal government, run a near monopoly. Though funded by an individual’s taxes, the vast majority of families […]

Past Event | November 2, 2022
Reproductive Rights in Florida: What Comes After the Overturning of Roe?

America: the land of the free, but just how far does freedom extend for women in this country? The debate regarding reproductive freedom in the United States has persisted for five decades. Roe v. Wade was a 1973 landmark decision that affirmed a right to an abortion before fetal viability, generally understood by experts in […]

Past Event | February 22, 2023
NIMBY vs. YIMBY: Benefits and Barriers of Affordable Housing

South Florida is experiencing a housing crisis at historic levels. The influx of new high-income residents moving into the market, coupled with a general housing shortage has caused South Florida to be the most cost burdened place in the U.S. Some point to affordable housing as the solution. Housing is considered “affordable” if it consumes […]

Past Event | April 26, 2023
The New American Revolution: Working From Home

Three years later, does working from home really work? Before the pandemic, most work was done from office buildings, with employees waking up every day for their job at 9 and clocking out when the clock struck 5. Now, employees roll out of bed into their home office.

Past Event | February 21, 2024
The High Life? The Two Sides of the Legalization of Recreational Marijuana in Florida

The proposed bill, which allows adults aged 21 and older to purchase and possess up to three ounces of cannabis while capping marijuana concentrates at five grams, has ignited a multifaceted debate. On one side, proponents highlight potential medical benefits, significant tax revenue, job creation, improved safety due to regulation against the lacing of marijuana, […]