Our 2018-19 Dinner at the Square Series
Big issues, Real conversation. Good food, good company.
This event is being rescheduled to accommodate speaker schedules
A National Identity Crisis? The Open vs. Closed Border Debate

Is immigration impacting American nationalism and civic pride? Are we becoming such a melting pot that we are losing our cultural identity? Has the meaning of being an American changed?

May 1, 2019
Climate Change and Sea Level Rise in Fort Lauderdale

Complicated and challenging issues take time to flesh out. Our advisory board is currently at work (and having tough, yet civil conversations) determining the best direction to take this topic that is relevant and worthy of your time. We’ll be updating the site soon with more information on the topic and panelists so stay tuned!

October 10, 2018
A Penny for Transportation?

Broward voters will decide in November whether they want to increase the county’s sales tax for the next 30 years to raise $16 billion for local transportation projects.