Our 2019-20 Dinner at the Square Series
Big issues, Real conversation. Good food, good company.
Dinner at the Square | February 26, 2020
Ready or Not, Here Growth Comes

Broward County’s population is expected to increase to nearly 2 million people next year. Over the next five years, our community is expected to have 167,320 new residents, bringing the total population to over 2.1 million in 2022. Are we ready?

Dinner at the Square | April 15, 2020
The Allocation of State Funding in Florida

Complicated and challenging issues take time to flesh out. We’ll be updating the site soon with more information on the topic and panelists so stay tuned!

Past Event | Dinner at the Square | October 23, 2019
The Politics of Counting: Fear, Fairness & Partisanship around the 2020 Census

Although the citizenship question will not be asked and it has eased the threat, many feel it has hardly eliminated it. The public controversy over the issue has already stirred fears of retribution among many immigrants, even those who are here legally, who say they will avoid filling out the census form even if the question is not asked.