Our 2018-19 Dinner at the Square Series
Big issues, Real conversation. Good food, good company.
May 1, 2019
Can Sea Level Rise Be Stopped? Ultimately Who Will Pay For It?

Can Sea Level Rise be stopped? Ultimately who will pay for it: Federal, State, local government? Coal and oil industry? Homeowners and investors? Are these actions only costs, or is there a positive Return on Investment (ROI)?

May 29, 2019
A National Identity Crisis Or A Humanitarian Crisis? The Border Debate

Are we losing our cultural identity? Is immigration the cause? What does being an American mean to us and will it change as we become more diverse?

Past Event | October 10, 2018
A Penny for Transportation?

Broward voters will decide in November whether they want to increase the county’s sales tax for the next 30 years to raise $16 billion for local transportation projects.