The 2019-20 series
Our 2019-20 Student Village Square Series

The Student Village Square at Broward College – a political forum for students, by students – provides a safe and engaging space for civic engagement on diverse matters of local, state, and national importance. Much like Broward College’s Village Square, the Student Village Square aims to help maintain factual accuracy on diverse issues, and cultivate dispassionate, reasoned dialogue but for the College’s student body. The topics of the Student Village Square are learning-centered, that is, aimed at enhancing the curriculum of the College.

Our events are free and open to the public. We invite you to join us for our upcoming events!

#METOO Movement:
Its Impact, Politics, and Future

Through video clips, audio samples, and photos, students will discuss and reflect on the stories of woman, the LGBTQ community, and those recent scandals prompting debate here.

Open vs Closed Borders:
The Debate

Faculty and students will debate the current immigration crisis, the debate about the relationship between open borders and increased crime, and whether the country should move to lesser or greater restrictions on immigration.

Past Event | STUDENT VILLAGE SQUARE | February 7, 2019
Reclaiming Humanity: On the Politics and Ethics of Human Trafficking

Despite various efforts to resolve the problem, human trafficking has remained a major area of concern for policy makers, law enforcement, and non-governmental agencies.

Past Event | STUDENT VILLAGE SQUARE | February 21, 2019
Musings About Science & Religion: Conflict or Compatibility?

Join Dr. Theo Koupelis, Dean of Academic Affairs and Mathematics Pathway and Dr. Ed Cornejo, Associate Dean of the Arts Humanities Communication and Design Pathway on South Campus for a debate about the compatibility of science and religion.

Past Event | STUDENT VILLAGE SQUARE | March 18, 2019
Environmental Justice: Food Issues, Sustainability, and Safety

Join faculty, students, and community members for a riveting discussion on sustainability, food security, and the future of the environment in South Florida.