Homelessness in Broward County
Past Event | November 8, 2017
Homelessness in Broward County

The downtown homeless situation has been an issue both the City and County have been trying to solve.  It’s a sensitive issue, trying to improve the lives of the individuals who need assistance as well as trying to keep visitors and residents safe as many feel threatened by them in key downtown locations – especially around Stranahan Park.

There are several plans in place by various homeless organizations to try and address the issue of homelessness in our county (with our veterans, families and run-a-ways), but how do we serve the chronically homeless – those who may not want to be helped?    Fort Lauderdale Commissioners have been conflicted about the city’s role, feeling homeless-related issues are throughout Broward and should be dealt with at the county level.    

Is this a city issue or a county issue?  And can it be solved?


Bertha Henry | County Administrator
Broward County
Dr. Ted Greer Jr. | Chief Executive Officer
HOPE South Florida
Andy Mitchell | President/CEO
The Fairwinds Group
Commissioner Chip Lamarca: Homelessness in Broward County

Since the early 1990’s, Broward County has demonstrated a long term commitment to ending homelessness. However, the recognized national best practice approach to ending homelessness has changed significantly since that time…