Do We Need Public Hospitals?
A real conversation about healthcare in America
March 21, 2017
do we need public hospitals?

In 2011, Governor Scott set up a commission to report if the state could save money and provide better health care if privately owned and nonprofit hospitals took over caring for the uninsured and poor people, a role that public hospitals mostly shoulder. South Florida, by far, has the largest stake in the issue. Broward’s two hospital districts collect more than $200 million in local property taxes to run their nine hospitals — five in Memorial Healthcare System and four in the North Broward Hospital District. How can our community best serve both the insured and uninsured and make sure our tax dollars are being used properly?


Rosemary O'Hara | Editorial Page Editor
Sun Sentinel
Carlos Migoya | President & CEO
Jackson Health System
William R. Scherer | Founder & Managing Partner
Conrad & Scherer