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Have We Done Enough? America's Long Overdue Awakening to Systemic Racism
Past Event | February 24, 2021
Have We Done Enough? America's Long Overdue Awakening to Systemic Racism

America is overwhelmingly a “white country.” Needless to say, black Americans contribute significantly to all aspects of our society. Yet, they still face this “dividing line” from the white majority.

As many Americans unite in a shared mission about the civil rights issues of our time in the aftermath of the tragic killing of black men and women in our country, our community joins others around the nation in the important unfinished work to make the promise of equality a reality by bringing constructive conversation to help illuminate the path to progress and meaningful change.

And while there is a belief in America that with education and hard work, all of us have the opportunity to build a better life than was available to our parents, many black Americans today remain situated in communities with the lowest prospects for upward mobility.

So when those who believe in justice and fairness have had enough, how do we evolve as a country and as a community? How do we push for progress? How do we crate equality for all? Do we ask ourselves, have we done enough?

Time: 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. – Panel Discussion

Location: Virtual Event

Dr. Germaine Smith-Baugh
President and CEO | Urban League of Broward County
Tiffani Lee
Partner | Holland & Knight LLP
Keith Koenig
CEO | City Furniture
Doug Lyons
Founder and President | Doug Lyons Media, LLC